Forgetting Mr Panda
Froot Loops (yuck—they taste like medicine) on Pre-Calc doodles.

Taken 4 April 2012, 12:45 PM; Samsung Galaxy S - no edit.
On a midnight trip to an airplane hangar; one of the fancy looking metal things outside…fun trip. Samsung Galaxy S2. Regular camera settings. Should probably get myself a real camera one of these days.
Annual migration of black birds in progress. They’re everywhere. Fields full.

11 October, 2011. Samsung Galaxy S2. 푸딩 가메라.
Empty hospital bed. Patient had just been called by the doctor to give birth.

Taken 25 July 2011 by Samsung Galaxy S2…again. Haha, seems like the only time I ever find something worth taking, all I have is my phone. Used 부딩 가메라.
Stop, Highway Overhead.
Taken during some random car ride; from Samsung Galaxy S2.
Apathetic snapshot #2
Which one’s better?
Staying in bed; life’s too tiring.
24 July 2011
Taken from Samsung Galaxy S2 using 푸딩 카메라
Dried grass/wheat/whatever it is lit by the sun setting. By the roadside. 14 March 2011. 
Bradford Pear Blooms at sunset #2. 14 March 2011. 
Bradford Pear blooms at sunset. 14 March 2011.  
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